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Dakota Rods and Classics is a supercharged car club!

Come join us at our next event!

The purpose of this club shall be the uniting of its members to promote the mutual interest in the hobby and sport of street rodding as a constructive sport among its members, the public, the press, the community and law enforcement agencies; to increase the knowledge of its members in the proper construction of, and guidance in operation of, overall safe vehicles; create good fellowship and sportsmanship among members and to promote the attitude that the sport of street rodding is a safe family activity to be enjoyed by all.

Membership and participation shall be open to all regardless of age, race, color, creed, religion, or national origin.

Dakota Rods and Classics will be open to anyone with a 30-years-old or older vehicle.

Dakota Rods and Classics is a group of auto enthusiasts who want to emphasize a family atmosphere. Dakota Rods and Classics is managed and operated by the members for the enjoyment of all participants. Decisions with regard to activities, cruises, shows, and meetings will be made by the members, on behalf of the entire club. Emphasis will be placed on activities centered around driving the cars and providing an atmosphere for families as well as individuals. Frequent cruises, attending shows, and dinner meetings will be opportunities for members to socialize and celebrate their interest in cars. The club will have one membership meeting per month and one Board of Directors meeting per month, with members always welcome to attend. The Club understands today’s hectic schedules and promotes attendance but does not require participation in meetings or events.

On the menu above is a link to our membership application.
If you would like to join us, please submit the application and/or join us at our next event!

Dakota Rods and Classics
P.O. Box 1506
Rapid City, SD 57709-1506